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Marry Me lyrics


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     Marry Me
    >> Rammstein
        (Translation To: Heirate Mich)
    You see him creeping around the church
    he has been alone for a year
    The sadness took away all of his senses
    he sleeps every night by her grave
    There, by the bells sleeps a stone
    and I alone can read it
    and on the fence, the red rooster
    who was your heart at that time
    The fear has been skewered on this fence
    I now go digging every night
    to see what still remains
    of the face that smiled for me
    There by the bells I spend the night
    there between snails, a lonely animal
    during the day I run after the night
    you escape me for the second time
    Marry me
    with my hands I dig deep
    to find what I missed so much
    and under the moon in its most beautiful dress
    I have kissed your cold mouth
    I take you tenderly by the arm
    but your skin rips like paper
    and parts fall off of you
    you escape me for the second time
    Marry me
    So I take what still remains
    the night is hot and we are naked
    according to the curse the rooster greets the morning
    so I hacked off his head
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